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About Us

The Brain clinic and rehabilitation center is a therapy and rehabilitation center located in Owerri. It was conceived out of a necessity to provide a world class facility for drug therapy and rehabilitation to sufferers of substance abuse and other associated ailments. Our facility is up to date and it is staffed with very well trained personnel who are friendly, kind, professional and highly discreet. We offer some of the, if not THE, best care in the country.


History of the Continental Brain Clinic

The Continental Brain Clinic in Owerri, Nigeria was founded by Dr. Tennyson Usoh, a renowned psychiatrist. The clinic started as a humble establishment with a passion for providing top-notch care to the local community.

In its early years, the clinic faced numerous challenges, from limited resources to a lack of awareness about brain disorders. However, Dr. Tenn’s dedication and commitment to advancing medical knowledge and expertise in the region allowed the clinic to gradually expand its services and gain recognition.

The Continental Brain Clinic has became a pivotal center for research and treatment of various brain conditions. Collaborations with international organizations and medical experts brought cutting-edge technology and innovative therapies to Owerri, elevating the clinic’s reputation to a regional center of excellence.

In recent times, the clinic has witnessed significant growth and modernization. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled specialists, the Continental Brain Clinic attracted patients from all over Nigeria and beyond. It became a beacon of hope for those seeking answers and solutions to complex neurological disorders.

Under the leadership of Dr. Tenn. Usoh, the clinic continued to evolve, diversifying its services to include psychological/emotional support, neurorehabilitation, and advanced diagnostic imaging. Moreover, the clinic actively engaged in community outreach and educational programs through it’s foundation, raising awareness about neurological health and destigmatizing mental health issues.

Today, the Continental Brain Clinic remains committed to pushing the boundaries of neurological research, providing compassionate care, and improving the lives of countless patients. Its legacy as a pioneering institution in neurological medicine continues to shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the medical landscape of Owerri and Nigeria as a whole.